• Holiday Rally Series - Dirt 4 Come Join us!!!

    Time for something a little more substantial! Three rallies over three weeks taking us thru the Christmas and New Years holidays. I am considering this series to be another test round, I am trying out a variety of options available to rallymasters.

    Rally 1: The Nightmare Before Christmas Part 2
    You must drive all night to get to your family before Christmas, and word has it a storm is brewing. Can you make it thru 12 stages with only a single service area? Pick any car you like, just make sure it can take the punishment! (I have designed this as a high attrition endurance event where saving your car is the goal, however since I don't have a lot of experience making roadbooks in Dirt 4, I am not sure I hit the mark on this. It might be too easy, or there might not be enough service available for the normal wear and tear that Dirt 4 seems to have)

    Rally 2: American Holiday
    A tour thru the forests of Michigan in any American car. This one should be cake compared to the last one!

    Rally 3: New Year's Hangover
    The best place to shake a hangover has to be sunny Spain right? Take any car, 200HP or less.


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