• CMS WRS 2017 Season 1 - 9 Lemans Race- Results & Screen Shots

    Taner Selvi wins in GTE class at Lemans circuit in the nine race of the CMS World Racing Series!!


    Jon Uyan took the pole ,next on the grid was Xavier Fontseca and Arturo Pereira took third on the grid


    Taner Selvi won the race ,second on the podium was Jon Uyan and third was Xavier Fontseca


    Replay Race

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    1. Jon Uyan's Avatar
      Jon Uyan -
      Congrats to Taner for the win and staying out of trouble.

      Close to halfway mark I missed my brake marker and went straight at Play Station chicane. Despite the slow down I got a Stop and Go penalty. It took me 4 pit visits to clear it! Plus my regular pit stop. Possibly was a track related bug.

      Still catching Taner on the last 2 laps and racingfor the win was exciting. Could not hold on to the pass I made at Play Station chicane (again) and lost control, but it was worth a shot.

      Thanks to those few who stuck with the series and did not bail out in the middle of it.
    1. Jon Uyan's Avatar
      Jon Uyan -
      Nice pictures Xavier, and thank you for the series.
    1. Taner's Avatar
      Taner -
      Last lap is unforgetable Jon Thanks
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