• CMS Texas Racing Team, A Trip to COTA, Nebraska and other Updates

    Quick update from the CMS Texas Based Racing Team. We haven't posted in a while but that doesn't mean we don't have some updates and fun things planned to share with you all. For starters, we are continuing to run our Miatas locally in our Regional SCCA Autocross Championship. David and Phil have been competing in the same car most of the time, and our times are just about identical most weekends making for some great fun and pushing each other to do better. We have 3 races left against some stiff competition. David is currently 3rd in points, with a clear line of sight to 2nd, and Phil is currently 5th with a shot at as high as 2nd as well.

    David will be competing again this year for the 3rd year straight at SCCA solo nationals in early September. This time he will be partnering up though for something a bit different. The car will be a 2017 Ford Focus Bright Red ST with our friend, teammate, and CMS member Phil Osborne. The past two weekends David has had an opportunity to test the car, and shake it down before the trip to Lincoln, and times have been encouraging. First time out the raw time was good enough for 4th in PAX on the day potentially but there was a cone. Second time out in drying conditions from a wet surface he put up a time for 11th in PAX of 125 car field.

    Here is a video of the car

    Also on the very high bucket list, and just before Nationals actually we will have the opportunity to drive COTA (Circuit of Americas) Full GP Circuit in our Miatas as part of a very special Pirelli World Challenge Track Night for the Texas SCCA.

    We are headed down August 30th and 31 to drive the track and will definitely share a report ...

    In addition to the COTA and Nationals Events we are also registered for the MSR Cresson (Texas) 1.3 Mile Club Trials on August 26th. David will be running the Miata and Phil hopefully in the second Miata as well as we are still finalizing Phil's entry. This is a Championship we have been running in some this year that is very similar to NASA time trials, and our cars are running on an E-Street PAX index per SCCA rules for Solo in the Club Time Trial. David had an event earlier this year that was shared here on the forums at the larger 1.7 mile MSR Cresson circuit, so now we will have an opportunity to run on the 1.3.

    Here is a great video of one of our friends on the 1.3 in an NA Miata to give you a feel for what we have upcoming on the 26th.

    More soon ...
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