• CMS Returns from the 2017 Tire Rack SCCA Mineral Wells Pro Solo Challenge!

    The cmsracing.com Autocross team of David Anderson, Phil Elmore and Colin Elmore had the opportunity to participate in the 2017 Tire Rack Mineral Wells Texas Pro Solo last weekend. Our second National Event with SCCA of the year, but our first Pro Solo format in the 2001 Miata. Colin would not be driving a Miata as he's just too big for the car, so he would pair up with our good friend and fellow CMS member Zach Lemoine in the Subaru BRZ in D-Street.

    The weekend was defined by a lot of rain. From the time David got to the site on Friday around 11:30 it rained almost continuously through Saturday mid day. This would mean our first and second heat runs on Saturday would be in wet conditions for all of the drivers in our E-Street class. Speaking of, we had 12 drivers in the class and a really nice representation. There were 3 Toyota MR2 Drivers and 9 Miata Drivers. There was a nice mix of cars in D-Street as well, but Colin and Zach would have their work cut out for them against some Subaru WRX entries which were very quick in these conditions!

    After Day One, we set in 4th and 5th place with David holding a narrow half second lead over Phil in our own car. We knew that after a nice dinner on Saturday night that it would be time to get some rest and deal with a morning Sunday shootout where everything would change, as it was forecast to be a lot more dry.

    Colin was down a bit further in D-Street, in the standings, but really taking to and learning the car so he was optimistic about his opportunity to improve on Sunday.

    Sunday morning came and the Weather did indeed hold up. The Way Pro Solo works is that you are re-seeded after every heat, and so this would mean that the fastest cars go out first, followed by the slower cars. David was seeded 4th so would go out early. Because Phil was the 2nd driver in the same car he would go about 30 minutes later. Colin would run right around the same time Phil would in D-Street.

    Pretty much everyone would go faster as we predicted. David is not the best rain driver, although his skills have been improving quite a bit this year, with lots of opportunities to practice in the rain. So, he was excited for some better conditions. After his runs he would have the Miata holding in a solid 5th place. Phil would follow and it's amazing how much we are able to push each other and have the car respond. Phil would end up less than 1 tenth behind David for 6th place in the standings, in a wild set of changing conditions in the weekend. We were a bit disappointed that we got passed by a co-drive team in a 1999 Miata Sport, but we felt we drove the car decent -- and held respectable times. David And Phil were the fastest two local Dallas Chapter folks as well in E-Street, so we left amongst all of our buddies with local bragging rights.

    Colin would take his shot on Sunday in D-Street and definitely improve the times. He would have raw times faster than both Phil and David in the BRZ, and in the end he would be the meat in the sandwhich on all 3 of our PAX Rankings that were within just a few mere positions of each other.

    On Sunday after class competition competes, the way things work in a pro solo is that there is then a run off match bracket type format where everyone races heads-up. The top ladies in their own bracket, the top 32 from the event weekend in the super challenge bracket, and then 8 drivers in a bonus bracket based on draw. All three winners receive gifts and trophies that are substantial. This year David and Colin both got draws in the Bonus Challenge and we had the vision of possibly racing each other in the final between the Miata and the BRZ. Unfortunately we were both knocked out in the first round due to self inflicted mistakes. Colin had a DNF on course after coming in too hot at the finish on his right side run. David, would have an even more painful situation where he raw timed his matched competitor by 1.6 seconds, but a cone call on the right side, would give the win to the Abarth Driver.

    Perhaps the highlight of the weekend was that in all the runs and all the entries, there was one .500 perfect launch light and it was by Colin! So he would receive a trophy for the perfect tree light, and a free entry into an SCCA National Event!!!

    We stopped for a nice dinner on the way home Sunday and created another great set of memories!!!

    Here are a few pictures

    Event Page 2017 Mineral Wells Pro Solo

    Class Results
    Bonus Challenge Bracket

    In other team news, for Fathers Day Weekend David will be back out at the same site with the 2017 SCCA CAM Challenge Match Tour format at Mineral Wells. He got an invite to co-drive with another SCCA driver a 2015 Chevrolet SS and with wife approval and a little luck he will be smiliing ear to ear slinging muscle around the same site!

    We are also in the midst of some great racing in our Regional Series with 3 events of the 9 race season in the books, so in our next updates we will provide some news on how things are going in the local chapter.
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