• CMS GT3 Cup Challenge - Round 3 - 5/10/17

    Round 3 - Watkins Glen

    Round 3 of the CMS GT3 Cup Challenge sees us travel to Watkins Glen and pay a visit to the boot (w/ Bus Stop)

    A few points for this race:
    • The Orange Zone will run from Start/Finish Line to the exit of Turn 4 (The Esses)
    • Standing Start!
    • Exercise caution when rejoining the track from the pits
    • Be especially careful rejoining the track after a spin or an off!
    • Beware of all the grass and blind corners!
    • If you do receive a slow-down, use your Relative Black Box (F3), and re-join when it is safe
    • Be mindful of abusing track limits!!!!
    • Unlimited fast repairs!
    • Have fun! Have fun! Have fun!

    Dynamic Weather
    Race 1: Morning
    Race 2: Afternoon

    The "ORANGE ZONE POLICY EXPLAINED" This zone constitutes the outlined Orange Zone area on the track during the 1st Lap. This zone should be regarded as a PASS WITH EXTREME CAUTION area during the first lap of any race. Should an incident occur because a driver chooses to attempt a pass within this “Orange Zone” the driver initiating the pass will likely be held responsible.

    Outside of the Orange Zone, clean and responsible driving is the order of the day. If you begin to spin, hold the brake down so your car's actions will be more predictable to drivers attempting to negotiate the track safely. Please take the utmost care and use your Relative Black Box (F3) to safely rejoin the track if you have an off.

    CMS GT3 Cup Challenge Sporting Regulations


    Date: Wednesday, May 10th, 2017
    Practice: 6:40pm - 8:35pm CT, 7:40pm - 9:35pm ET, 11:40pm - 1:35am GMT - 115 minutes

    Driver's Briefing/Pre-Qualifying Break: 8:35pm - 8:45pm CT, 9:35 - 9:45 ET, 1:35am - 1:45am GMT - 10 minutes

    Qualify: 8:45pm - 9:05pm CT, 9:45 - 10:05 ET, 1:45am 2:05am GMT - 20 minutes

    Race 1 Start: 9:05pm CT, 10:05pm ET, 2:05am GMT - Duration 25 minutes

    Race 2 Start: Approximately 10 minutes after Race 1 has been completed - Duration 25 minutes

    No Qualify - C Hoogveld
    No Qualify - M Geddes

    An extra 5 minutes has been added in between races to hopefully cover any glitches.
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