• ANNOUNCING: 2018 NARS Autumn Series rFactor 2, Thurs Nights!


    Welcome to everyone who ran previous Champion Motorsports NARS Series and to those new drivers who have not previously run the series.

    The CMS NARS Series was created to emulate the IMSA racing series for mixed class endurance racing. It has evolved over several years and the NARS 2018 Autumn Series will introduce some new features and opportunities.

    An extended forum thread with much feedback from CMS drivers provided much of the direction to the new series. A significant amount of time has been spent listening to comments, discussing them, and developing the NARS Autumn Series. For those of you who asked for some aspect, format, or car type that was not included, please keep an open mind and join us for this series. We need your support. As it is now, we calculate that many of the numbers of drivers who sign-up for a NARS series will not be around at the last race due to commitments elsewhere that creep up. Once the grid is sustained for a series, we will move back to multi-class racing.

    Series Overview

    • 8 events with the drivers best 6 results counting towards the series championship.
    • There will be two driver designations -- PRO and AM -- and a points championship for each.
    • Races will be 60-minutes in length except Race 8 which will be 120-minutes.
    • A progressive points system to keep the series competitive through the last race.
    • One car and class for this NARS Series: The new Studio 397 Norma M30 LMP3.
    • Open setups plus two baseline setups available to modify.
    • Custom skin uploading available with a special NARS template.
    • Series uses the latest public build of rFactor 2.

    The NARS Autumn Series will be a memorial series for CMS friends now departed. Winners of PRO and AM will each be awarded a "Jerry" trophy honoring Jerry McComas.


    Each event will have a thread outlining specifics for the upcoming race. The event results, replay, and post-race discussion will be posted in the same thread. IOWs, the Driver Briefing, Results, Replay, and Discussion threads will be consolidated.

    There will be two, non-point test races...

    • For drivers to get comfortable with the new Studio-397 Norma M30 LMP3 car.
    • For drivers to get used to the 5 pm late afternoon/dusk starting time.
    • For drivers to get their system graphic settings adjusted for the series.
    • To determine which class drivers should run (determined by the admins).

    Test Race 1: Lime Rock Park
    Layout: Uphill Chicane
    Thursday, July 19
    Race Length: 60 minutes
    On-track starting time: 5 pm

    Test Race 2: VIRginia Raceway
    Layout: South Course
    Thursday, August 2
    Race Length: 60 minutes
    On-track starting time: 5 pm

    NARS Autumn Race 1: Barbagallo
    Layout: Wanneroo Park
    Thursday, August 16
    Race Length: 60 minutes
    On-track starting time: 5 pm

    NARS Autumn Race 2: Salzburgring
    Layout: Grand Prix
    Thursday, August 30
    Race Length: 60 minutes
    On-track starting time: 5 pm

    NARS Autumn Race 3: Autodrom Most
    Layout: Grand Prix
    Thursday, September 13
    Race Length: 60 minutes
    On-track starting time: 5 pm

    NARS Autumn Race 4: Adelaide (this looks incredible at 6:30-7:00 pm)
    Layout: Clipsal 500
    Thursday, September 27
    Race Length: 60 minutes (with 2x time compression)
    On-track starting time: 5 pm

    NARS Autumn Race 5: Portimao
    Layout: Circuit 1
    Thursday, October 11
    Race Length: 60 minutes
    On-track starting time: 5 pm

    NARS Autumn Race 6: Dubai Autodrome
    Layout: Club
    Thursday, November 8
    Race Length: 60 minutes
    On-track starting time: 5 pm

    NARS Autumn Race 7: Rouen-Les-Essarts
    Layout: Rouen 55-70
    Thursday, October 25
    Race Length: 60 minutes
    On-track starting time: 5 pm

    NARS Autumn Race 8: Oulton Park
    Layout: International No Chicane
    Thursday, November 29
    Race Length: 120 minutes
    On-track starting time: 5 pm

    Alternate Track Venues

    One alternate track is provided should a technical problem befall any of the ones above. That track is Road Atlanta.

    The Sebring Laser Rule. Should Studio 397 release the work-in-progress new laser-scanned Sebring track during the series, it will replace whatever track is two events away on the schedule.

    Series Details

    It is always difficult to juggle the four time zones the continental US covers.
    The following schedule will be used for the NARS Autumn Series.

    • Open server practice throughout the week.
    • Server reboot at 7:30 pm Eastern.
    • Qualifying starts at 9:15 pm Eastern (6:15 pm Pacific).
    • Warmup at 9:25 pm Eastern (6:25 pm Pacific).
    • The race starts at 9:30 pm Eastern (6:30 pm Pacific).

    The series will be run under...



    Server Settings

    Server Name: "CMS NARS Autumn Series"

    Server Password: Available here. [link]

    Damage Multiplier: 50%

    Car Settings Available

    • Auto Clutch
    • Low Traction Control (AM class only - real world LMP3 does not use TC or Anti-lock brakes)

    Custom skin uploading is available, but please join the server through the week to upload your .dds file.

    UNDQ is available on the server. If a driver gets a DQ. DO NOT TOUCH ANY KEYS ESPECIALLY THE ESC KEY! An admin will see you are DQ and will UNDQ you. IMPORTANT! If it is dusk or night, turn your headlights on before moving out of the garage!

    Rejoin is on in case a driver gets disconnected. Rejoin with the same setup is the setting.

    Driving View is open.

    Race Comms

    All drivers must join the CMS Teamspeak 3 server to monitor race control. A microphone is not required to participate.

    Race Format

    • Race format is time-based.
    • Races will be 60 or 120 minutes.
    • Fuel will be set to 2x for all races.
    • Tires will be set to 1x.


    • Weather conditions such as rain, sky, humidity, outside temp, track temp, wind speed, and direction may change for each race.
    • IMPORTANT! If it is dusk or night, turn your headlights on before moving out of the garage!

    Yes, there will be at least one rainy (but not a cloud burst) event.


    • Qualifying will be private qualifying sessions for all cars.
    • The qualifying session will be 10 minutes long.
    • Unlimited laps during this session.
    • IMPORTANT! The server will be closed at the end of practice before it switches to Qualifying. Join the server while it is still in practice and BEFORE it switches to Qualifying. If drivers are running late, they can also join during warmup and start from the back of the grid.


    • The warmup session is approximately 5 minutes.
    • Once the Warm Up session has started THE TRACK WILL BE CLOSED for the Mandatory Drivers Meeting.
    • No one is to be on track during the drivers meeting.
    • Once the Admin has concluded with the drivers meeting he will announce, “THE TRACK IS NOW OPEN.”
    • At this point, drivers can go on the track, trial last minute setup changes and check to see if they are sharing a pit space with someone.

    Starting Procedure

    • We will use a modified rolling start which includes a one-lap, single file rolling formation lap.
    • Once the green flag has dropped (starting lights go out) the cars will start their single file formation lap.
    • The pole sitter has control of the field and should maintain a speed of 60mph (100Kph) during the formation lap.
    • At each event, an area will be designated as the location to begin to accelerate to racing speed.
    • A driver will be assessed a warning or penalty if...
      - They advance from their qualifying position prior to this designated area.
      - They make a pass before this point.
      - They "lay back" greater than 3 car lengths to get a "run" on a competitor.
      - They make contact with a competitor's car on the formation lap.
      - They weave back and forth or abruptly speed up or slow down, or jam on the brakes.
      - If you lose control on the formation lap, you must let all cars pass and rejoin at the end of the field.

    Pitting and Pit Sharing

    • Some of the tracks we use may have fewer pit stalls than we have drivers. Therefore it is very likely that you are sharing a pit stall with a competitor. To deal with this, you should always pit as far as you can to the inside of the pit stall.
    • This way there will be room for two cars to receive pit service. If done correctly this works quite well. If you pull too far to the side the crew will not service your car. If you don't pull far enough to the side the crew will not service the driver you are sharing with.
    • Alternately, go around another lap and return to the pits on the next lap.

    Championship Points

    Points are awarded for the PRO and AM classes, and follow a progressive increase through the series.

    Coupled with the best 6 of 8 format, we believe it will keep all drivers "in the hunt" throughout the series.

    Drivers must take the checkered flag to receive any race points (except for contingency points).

    The points championship winners of the PRO and AM classes will receive a "Jerry" trophy. The Jerry trophy is in memory of fellow racer Jerry McComas. The NARS Autumn Series is a memorial series dedicated to our longtime friends at CMS who are now departed.

    Championship Points will be posted after each race.

    Contingency Awards

    Drivers will receive 3 points for taking the green flag and completing 3 laps.

    The PRO and AM driver who completes the most laps in the series will receive an award (to be announced).

    Race Review Team

    • The Race Review Team will review the Start and Orange Zone (OZ) after each race, but not the remainder of the event unless a driver files an Incident Report.
    • The Race Review Team will review any incidents for which an Incident Review was filed, issue any penalties as appropriate, and post them in the event thread that a driver should fulfill the penalty.
    • The results of these reviews will be posted no later than one week before the next event in the upcoming event thread.


    Penalties can be applied one of 3 ways:

    • rFactor 2 system delegated penalties (all must be served, and are not in admin control)
    • Upheld Incident Reports via Race Review Team
    • Post race for a Start / Orange Zone infraction via Race Review Team

    • Cautions - No penalty value. It will be given to draw attention to follow rules or correct driving behavior.
    • Warnings - May lead to a penalty. Second consecutive one should be posted as "Severe Warning". A third consecutive warning will be served as NQ.
    • NQ - No qualify
    • NQDT - No Qualify Drive Thru
    • NQS&G - No Qualify Stop & Go
    • NQS&H10 - No Qualify Stop & Hold 10 sec
    • NQS&H30 - No Qualify Stop & Hold 30 sec
    • NQS&H60 - No Qualify Stop & hold 60 sec
    • DQ - Disqualification From race Results
    • Probations - 3 Race, 5 race or the entire season. Drivers who cause significant damage or time loss to competitors maybe put on probation.
    • Suspensions - 3 race, 5 race or the entire season.
    • Bans - the Entire year or for life.

    Time Conversion Of Penalties (to be used in the last race of the series)

    • NQ: 30 sec
    • NQDT: 60 sec
    • NQS&G: 65 sec
    • NQS&H10: 75 sec
    • NQS&H30: 95 sec
    • NQS&H60: 125 sec

    Additional notes about penalties

    • Abusive and/or profane in-game chat, TS or forum post language or deliberate crash into competitor's car may lead to that driver receiving probation, suspension or ban from the league.
    • A season length may depend on the series and it can be 4 to 10 race long.
    • Drivers who fail to serve their penalties at the next race will receive a "Severe Warning", unless it was the last race of the season. In both cases, failing to serve the penalty (either after a severe warning or if it was the last race) will result in a NQ or higher penalty at the discretion of stewards.

    Custom Skins

    You are welcome to use any Norma custom car skin or use the built-in Norma car skins that come with the Endurance pack, but obviously, we would encourage everyone to create their own unique skin.

    A custom template has been created with the Champion Motorsports colors, logo, and LMP3 placard. It is created in PhotoShop CS4 and in layers. The font is Arial so everyone will have it.

    Please do not resize the file. I will corrupt some of the special features built into the car. When editing your car, please do not change the placard or number position. You can highlight each number and change it to your number. The driver name layer is in position. Highlight it and change to your name. The new position and class LED layer should not be changed. The server will accept one .dds file in DXT5. No .mas files please or alternate graphics file formats for the skin. We will inherit the windscreen from the base cars.


    If you need help with the template or are not comfortable with creating a custom car skin and need one created for you, please contact Doug Atkinson.

    Series Promotional Items

    If you would like to help promote the NARS Autumn Series among friends and at other sites that you visit, below are 4 promotional graphics.


    Should you have questions or comments regarding the contents of this series master post, please add them to the NARS Autumn Series Discussion Thread.
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    1. Christopher Snow's Avatar
      Christopher Snow -
      Not to nitpick, but the download links to Dubai and Rouen are transposed with one another.
    1. Arturo_Pereira's Avatar
      Arturo_Pereira -
      Hi guys
      I made some class stickers for past seasons and updated the file with the P3 class and number sticker.

      I also included the new P3 class and number sticker in a template for the Norma car.

      Feel free to use them of course.
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      Doug Atkinson -
      Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Snow View Post
      Not to nitpick, but the download links to Dubai and Rouen are transposed with one another.
      Thanks, Christopher. Fixed on the original thread.
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      JJ Addison -
      Confused Is round 1 at the Glen or in Barbagallo ?
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