• CMS iRacing - 2018 Summer Season - Announcing the CMS Sportscar Trophy!

    Time to dust off the racing rigs, grease the pedals and get ready for another fun season of sportscar racing at CMS! What do we have in store this time around?

    The CMS Sportscar Trophy!

    Sportscar Trophy is a multi-class sportscar series with an emphasis on fun.

    The classes are LMP1, GTE, and GT3 - That means you'll have the Audi R18, Porsche 919, Ferrari 488, Ford GT, Audi R8, and Mercedes AMG GT to choose from! (If a different mix of GT3 cars is desired, please voice your opinion in this thread - we can tweak it a bit.)

    Similar to past seasons, there will be an AM championship. This time however, there will be an AM class for GTE & GT3. All AM drivers will still score points for their respective class, but will also have a championship for themselves. The iRating cutoff for AM will be 1500 iR, as well as a review by CMS admins if iRating does not paint the full picture.

    Additionally, there will be a season-long Mr Clean award for each car class - so there's incentive to keeping it clean. Speaking of keeping it clean, the driver in each class with the fewest incidents will earn 1 bonus point. Drivers finishing with more incidents than laps in the race, will receive 1 penalty point for each incident over the number of laps they've completed.

    To keep the racing interesting for the entire season, there will be two different race formats, along with inverted grids. Of the 10 rounds of the Sportscar Trophy, 8 will be double header formats. The first race will be a 15 minute "Qualifying Race" with reduced points; the grid set by a qualifying session. The second race will be a 45 minute "Feature Race" with a pit stop necessary. Depending on field size, either the top 10 or top 15 finishers from the Qualifying Race will invert for the Feature Race.

    The second race format will be a 2 60-minute single races. Points will be doubled for these. These races will see the Qualifying session results inverted.

    1 round (the Qualifying Race plus Feature Race) will be dropped along with one of long single races to provide 2 drop weeks.

    The double headers should hopefully keep the racing interesting for everyone and provide lots of wheel to wheel action - 'cuz who wants to drive around solo for 90 minutes??

    Finally, due to the increased potential for close racing, drivers who show a lack of respect for their fellow competitors by trying to run them over will be sanctioned severely. This series, while seeking to be competitive and a good test of skill, is meant to be FUN. Drivers not respecting CMS principles will be dealt with accordingly.

    As a note, this series will not be broadcast.

    Without further ado, here's the schedule. Certain weeks (Spa and Le Mans) line up with the iRacing Endurace events so they can serve as practice.

    Schedule Track Date Format
    1 Watkins Glen 5-16-18 Double
    2 Road America 5-23-18 Double
    3 Road Atlanta 5-30-18 Double
    4 Sebring 6-13-18 Single
    5 Mosport 6-20-18 Double
    6 Interlagos 6-27-18 Double
    7 Monza 7-11-18 Double
    8 Spa-Francorchamps 7-18-18 Double
    9 Silverstone Historic 8-1-18 Double
    10 Circuit de la Sarthe 8-15-18 Single

    Make sure everyone reads the rules here! They contain all the details on points, classes, race types, etc.

    And finally, the link you've been waiting for: SIGN UP FOR THE CMS SPORTSCAR TROPHY HERE!

    Good luck drivers, and have fun racing in the CMS Sportscar Trophy!
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