• Announcing the 2017 CMS GT3 Cup Series on iRacing.Com!!!

    Welcome to the inaugural season of the Champion Motorsports GT3 Cup Challenge(CCC)!

    This first season marks the first time an officially licensed Porsche has been available to us on iRacing, and will be composed of a 10 round season at 5 iconic North American tracks. Much of the series will be based on the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge. The car? The brand-new for 2017, 991.2 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. Powered by a 485 hp 4.0L flat-6, and without driver aids such as TC and ABS, racing figures to be close, exciting, and rewarding.

    All drivers will be scored as one class, with a separate Masters category for drivers 55 and older. For the young at heart, Masters category participation is optional. Like the real series, there will be two races at each track. Race 1 has a normal qualifying session, but to spice things up, Race 2's starting grid will see the top 15 finishers start Race 2 in inverse order. 15th will start 1st, 14th start 2nd, so on... Since we will do this using iRacing's Hosted Tournament option, we'll hold a practice race to get everyone used to it.

    There will be two drop races, but with the caveat that drop races cannot be used to cover a no-show.

    Points will be awarded as follows:

    1st 20 points
    2nd 18 points
    3rd 16 points
    4th 14 points
    5th 12 points
    6th 10 points
    7th 9 points
    8th 8 points
    9th 7 points
    10th 6 points
    11th 5 points
    12th 4 points
    13th 3 points
    14th 2 points
    15th 1 point
    16th and below 1 point

    Bonus points will be awarded to the driver(s) with the lowest incident total, pole position for Race 1, and fastest lap of race 2. The winning driver in the Masters category will earn 2 bonus points.

    Date: Wednesday nights
    Practice: 2340-0135 GMT / 6:40pm-8:35pm Central Time (CDT) - 115 minutes
    Driver's Briefing/Pre-Qualifying Break: 0135-0145 GMT / 8:35pm-8:45pm Central Time (CDT) - 10 minutes
    Qualify: 0145-0205 GMT / 8:45pm-9:05pm Central Time (CDT) - 20 minutes
    Race 1: 0205 GMT / 9:05pm Central Time (CDT) - 25 minutes
    Race 2: Approximately 5 minutes after conclusion of Race 1 - 25 minutes

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