• 2017 NARS Series - Only 2 Races Left, Who is in the Hunt?

    The NARS Series, otherwise known as the North American Racing Series..uh, Series, is a multi-class event using three different classes of cars as developed by the Enduracers Modding Team. As we near the end of this 8-race season, it's time to take a look at what's behind us, what's ahead of us, and the all important points Championships at stake in all 3 classes!! There's still a lot of points left to score with the 2 races ahead.

    P2 Class

    This season's Prototype class has been a two man battle in the points chase, with Norm Graf holding a 20 point lead on Jon Uyan heading to Road America. With 20 points going to the victor in each class, and the necessity of reaching the halfway mark of the race to score any points, this division battle is far from over! With 5 wins in 5 starts and holding the points lead, Norm is in a stong position to play defense, but anyone that knows him can't see him settling back and playing it safe! But you can bet this won't be decided until after the checkered flag falls at Sebring in the season closer.

    The P2 class has seen 11 different drivers start races this season, and if we look at who also has a shot at finishing on the podium for the points title, Dave Slee and Jerry McComas both still have mathematical chances at reaching the second or third steps, and some veterans who have been absent as of late could come in and make this party even more interesting before it's all over!

    GTE Class

    Without a doubt the most popular class in NARS, the GTE class has had 15 different drivers this season. But six races in, it's Elliott Budzinski with 85 points who holds the lead in the class, with 3 wins in 5 starts and laying down a blistering pace taking best lap in class in most of the races. Not far behind Elliott in second place is Tom Nasella with 61 points with a consistency that's put him in the chase for the points title. Third in points is Tom DiLibero, who also is mathematically capable of taking the points title. Just like in the P2 class, the points separation can be made up with the points given for a class win, along with a bad outing by other drivers.

    The number of drivers who have a shot at finishing on the podium at the end of the season is a staggering 13 at this point, with Steve Davis and Aaron Warz right on the heels of our Top 3. Also playing into the equation is Bill Brehm who won the most recent race at Malaysia and has the pace to play a factor in the points race. A large field in these last two events will make the chase for the title even more interesting considering this division has 4 different race winners in 6 races!

    GTC Class

    In a class where setup adjustments are limited to only a handful of changes, this puts the performance of the team mostly in the hands of the driver. The GTC class has had 9 different drivers start races this season, with 8 scoring points, and at this point in the season the class title has already been wrapped up by Eric Elliott, with 2 wins and 90 points total. Eric has battled through a tough start to the season at Valencia and Hermanos, but has battled back to finish in the first or second in every race since then.

    The battle for the remainder of the podium is still wide open with David Anderson in second place with 39 points, Paul Hamilton in third with 25, Frank Speer in fourth with 24 and Pete Holm in fifth with 18. It's not hard to see the diversity in the finishing positions within this class, it will be interesting to see where everyone stands after the race next week at the high-speed Road America circuit.

    As with most sim-racing series, participation ebbs and flows throughout the season and with this one coming to a finish soon it's not too late for those who made early races and stepped away for a moment to come back and join in the fun once again. There's also plenty of open slots available for anyone to jump in and race, all it takes is a quick note to the race directors in the Registration thread of your intent to join in and from there find the server, turn some laps, and come in on race night prepared for some edge-of-your-seat multi-class fun!!

    Good luck to everyone in these last two events, and here's looking forward to more seasons to come!!
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