Penalties from previous events

No penalties.

Formation Lap:

No issues.


No issues.


- J. Uyan, went off at T3,
stayed under control, eased onto the track staying tight to the edge, and stayed to the inside through the next corner; making a safe re-entry. ​Caution For Car Control.

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Reviews are conducted by several experienced CMS drivers - Findings are posted by the series admins based on these findings

Penalties you receive from an event are to be served at the next event that you attend, not the next event on the schedule. So, if you miss the next race after receiving a penalty, that penalty still stands and has not been served. The Orange Zones are reviewed by a committee of 3 admins, and are viewed from every angle of every driver. When an admin from the review committee is involved in the incident an alternate is used. If there is any uncertainty what so ever in regards to the incident, the involved parties will be contacted and ask for their views. In the race review post we include the replay time stamp and a brief description of the incident. If you are unhappy with, or disagree with a penalty please do not feel the need to send me or the other admins a PM arguing your case. Per CMS league wide rules and regs all penalties are final and not subject to appeal.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.