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Thread: Rally Van Haspengouw

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    Default Rally Van Haspengouw

    Early stable driving this week with my trusted Pug 205 rallye N1. 13 long stages with bad weather. Three stages three times and 2 stages four times. So a little disappointment itinerary. Admins can make more different stages

    Had a early scare at SS2 Pribram. On one of the gravel section I got hooked on a rock and oversteer into a poor spectator. Was CFH/redscreen back to stage. After that stage i had a slow but no hero pace until SS11 Kormoran. Here I was two times into bushes and one time wondering in the fields struggling to find road again I got to the finish after 106km with a slow car on slippery surface.

    Many retirement by those who have driven rally. PLEASE take it steady PoR and PoR2. Stay safe and get to finish. Her it may be ok point for those who finish

    Prov. results in dropbox
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    Finished this one tonight, career rally for me, took my time in the Polo WRC, not easy on the slippery roads, few red screens and spins hampered my progress as well as a couple of times with leaky radiator and a slipping clutch on one of the Kormoran passes.

    When I got a clean run, I was competitive with some of the top times so far which gives me some hope, at least this week I have a 66% finish rate!

    Good luck to those still to run, take it easy, as Torbj°rn says, it will pay dividends!

    Times and prov results in the box.
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    YES YES finily after 2 weeks of DNF's i finished the rally
    Make on the first time Kormoran I i make a 360 and cost me some time, but i was suprised with the grip of tarmac tyres
    Other stages not the fastest but safe
    Last time on Kormoran I it was very slippery with tarmac int tyres
    Safe on finish hope to score points again.
    good weekend everybody

    times in dropbox
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    Finished this very tricky rally.
    3rd in stable so far so hopefully there should be a nice set of points this week.
    I tried to make it as clean as possible but of course that was impossible here, am satisfied with how it went, a couple of small mistakes I managed to keep safe without crashing.

    Stable and overall results in the box

    edit: results deleted, wrong format, sorry
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    I crashed out in second kormoran stage

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    As in life......... One must Press On!

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    Appologize fella's, crashed out in the last proper turn on Kormoran I. The note was called too late (was allready in the braking-zone when they called K-Right) and because of how it looks there, I tried to jank it sideways, hit the inside bank, tilting me the other way and head on into the tele-pole I went

    I was flying as well, was up by almost 15 seconds on the 2nd split of the stage on my closest competitor


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