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Thread: Improving

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warren McGary View Post
    The last thing I have noticed though is when you are focusing on a time you tend to over drive the car. when I focus on the basics... (1) Turn-In (2) Apex, (3) Track out, while using as much of the tarmac as possible I have much better results.
    This hits close to home. Often times I'll go into a server and hit a relatively decent time in my first few laps. I think, ok, now let's improve - but I end up looking at the delta times too often or getting distracted trying to analyze my drive during my drive. When I settle into the zone and just try to click off laps is when I am most consistent.

    Still not fast yet, but if what Humberto is saying is accurate, it will come with time.
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    I think how we practice is also important. If we are tired or distracted or frustrated it's best to pack it in for the night.

    The old saying "Practice makes perfect." is only true IF one is practicing perfectly. If we practice making the same mistake on the same corner lap after lap we are merly programming our subconscious to make that error occur more often.

    If we can expand our awareness of the situation via increased senses (triples or VR, surround sound, proper FFB) as well as learn to see as many visual cues as possible we can learn to minimize our errors.

    I believe that the only difference between the beginner and those who have mastered sim racing is the masters ability to minimize errors by catching the mistake earlier and correcting it appropriately. That's where you can find consistency in the tenths of a second.

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