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Thread: Essential Assetto Corsa Apps and Tips

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    Default Essential Assetto Corsa Apps and Tips

    I thought the start of a new season would be a good time to post a reference list with a few (!) things pretty useful to know in AC.

    Some essentials info for newcomers and grease monkeys alike. Obviously there are many other apps and tweaks possible, but this should get you covered for the most important things.


    F1 : cycle car cameras
    F9 : toggle bottom learderboard (in multiplayer)
    F11: virtual mirror
    CTRL-L Toggle Driver name tags
    CTRL-U Cycle thru 4 vitual destop environements (so you don't have to reconfigure your cockpit layout for race and setup development, if you want more or less apps depending on context) Also available by clicking the 4 tiny numbers at the bottom of the apps access bar.
    KeyPad +/- : Change Force Feedback gain (specific to each car)
    CTRL+Q : damage displayer on/off
    CTRL+J : show damage displayer

    Entire list here: keyboard-shortcuts- official FAQ

    Essentials APPS

    Kunos did a pretty good job developing the official apps, so the 3rd party one are not as mandatory as they once were, even if there are a ton of them out there.
    It depends on what kind of cockpit you want, minimalist or knowing everything.

    Official apps

    1- Tire app. Name says it all. Note optimal pressure and temps will turn green once in the sweet spot.

    2- realtime (driver name with gaps). I prefer ptracker, but it does the job

    3- Pitstop app will popup automatically in the pit area. Get familiar with changing values on the fly with the arrow keys, in case you want to change something to your strategy mid-race.

    3rd party (IMPORTANT don't forget to activate them in the main menu under configuration option tab, UI module. If not, they won't be visible in-car)

    1- TRACK MAP. I like a lot this one, as you see the entire track with real time opponent's position.

    2- Display bars with many informations in compact format. A lot of choice for those. I still mostly use Stats bar plus (old app, still works fine).

    2A- Sidekick : really complete, fuel, tires, has brake temp too in a a very compact format (many values cycling). Probably the best choice here, because it includes tire data (optimal pressure) and gearbox tool.

    2B- mini apps - Stats Bar plus Has a lots of info, including fuel use, and tire wear plus small footprint.

    3- Ptracker I use it to get real time gaps (instead of official app), color coding of gap time is useful to me (green gaining time, red losing), might need to configure to your liking (click on top bar to access the monster customization menu in-game). Also has chat box. It shares additional info thru the Live Timing Tab of the CMS webpage, which is nice but not mandatory.

    4- Heli-corsa : Top view of your car in traffic, only visible when other cars are around (I put mine overlaid at the top of the steering wheel), super useful.

    5- New damage icons: Much more compact and clear than the official car shape (it's not an app, in fact just image files.). I can't go back to the standard one after I used these.

    6- FFB clip app best tool to fine tune FFB gain of your wheel (use + and - on keypad to adjust FFB live while driving)

    7- Tyre app by Dany Guisa, still use that one in race to get the dirt color bar when I go offroad (that never happens, right?), very optionnal...

    Extra: The Setup Market: It's an app so you can download online setup while in-game (after registering to their site). However I prefer just browse the site and "shop" setups per car. Not all setup are created equal however. Mainly use to see the general idea to save some time, and tweak things by myself.

    Quick note on physics, tires each have a so-called "optimal pressure" in their hardcoded file. it's a difficult to find number, useful as basic tuning target (but not a "magic" value). It can be found in the sdk sub-folders, but it's also readily available thru SIDEKICK app directly in-game. Also the official tire apps turns temperature and pressure green when in optimal range.

    Miscellaneous tricks

    Extra- Enabling physics development apps. Suspension App is good to check out camber in real time and shows grip level (to easily spot lockups).

    To activate them, you have to go to xxx\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg and open the assetto_corsa.ini.
    There you have to change ENABLE_DEV_APPS=0 from 0 to 1 and then just save it.

    However Slip Hud does the same thing to spot lockups with much less graphical mess

    To turn off the red indicator arrow when other cars are around go to
    C:\...\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\system\ cfg\
    Change to HIDE=1

    Deactivating the wind shield damage (not crashing is also a good start ;-))
    in file assetto_corsa.ini located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\system\c fg

    still in assetto_corsa.ini you can unlock a completely free camera F7 (to take sceeenshots with all possible control)

    FPS vs graphics quality options
    There is much tweaking possible here and the subject is vast (AA, FAAA, V-synch, etc..)
    At this point let's just say that the most FPS hungry option is Anti-Aliasing (AA) especially at 4x or 8x. Special effects (such as smoke), shadows and reflection quality can also hit the FPS badly. In the end, the quality level possible depends heavily on the GPU hardware.
    Anyone willing to comment add something here is more than welcome. That being said Kunos did optimized AC over the years and hardware got better, so it's less a problem than it used to. In doubt don't put all setting to maximum...

    Race Departement AC FAQ - it wasn't updated in a long while, still many relevant information in there
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    Great post Patrice!

    A great app for tires if the official one is not enough:
    proTyres | RaceDepartment
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