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This was not my race. I had a good lap time during the qualify session enough for the second place on the grid, but it was far from Christopher's time, I needed a miracle to have any chance to win the race. I had a good start though and I got a small lead, I saw Chris and Michael fighting for the second spot. This allowed me to increase the gap, but soon I saw Chris closing in with every lap. Finally he got really close in the final turns, I thought his car was still behind me so I turned in, resulting in a contact. After watching the replay I'd call it a racing incident.

For the mid-race I was mostly fighting with the car and track, then I was going for the pit, the weirdest one I had so far: somehow I missed the spot, so I had to reverse, then when exiting I hit an invisible extension to the wall, and...but here's what it looked like:

For the remaining laps I was a bit confused, not sure who have pitted and who did not yet, glad that finally got the second place.
I would agree with that: "A racing incident"* although I'll add that had the contact spun or damaged you in any way, the fault for it would have been entirely mine alone. You displayed great car control there (I went off for a few seconds myself) and decided to pit, since I was then suddenly "out of my rhythm."

[*FWIW, I borrowed your description for my reply to Joseph in the Fuji thread. Similarly a racing incident there, I think]

I trust you know I wasn't expecting to pass you there, btw, but was hoping only to establish inside position and maybe conclude a pass after carrying it through the next corner and on up the S/F straight. These cars are underpowered enough that a pass between evenly matched drivers is going to involve a fair bit of side-by-side racing, unless someone has made a fairly big mistake or is otherwise off-pace...which you certainly weren't!

The race itself was great fun, and everyone I came across raced cleanly and quite fairly (thank you!). If we get four more of the same, as I think we will, I will be rather sad when this--all too short--season ends. Next time I vote for a twenty-four race series, with maybe a "best-of-sixteen-or-eighteen" points system.... Something like that.

Just a blast!