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Thread: Historics Fall Season Race 6 - VIR North

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    Quote Originally Posted by mms View Post
    There is an option somewhere in Steam VR to switch to the rift sound device. But I don't understand why are you using Steam VR?

    In AC there is an option in the Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\oculus.ini file that automatically selects the Rift headphones:
    Both the Oculus vr and steam vr have menu options that I have tinkered with to use the Rift headphones. I have disabled my original headphones and tried using only rift etc. It isnt unique to AC, so far I dont get sound in rF2 either. I did manage to get sound temporarily through the rift using the ISS title but then the sound stopped after a few minutes. I can send sound through the Rift using windows to test but somewhere along the way it breaks down. And my original headphones are comfortable with the rift on so it isnt a deal breaker. I will lok into your suggestion and hope that makes a difference. Much appreciated.

    Updated update...I was thinking the sound issue was an HDMI issue but Rigt sound is USB. I shifter the headset USB from a 3.0 port to a 2.0 port and sound works in all my titles and with the various tools it reverts back to my standard headphones when I exit VR. I am wired for VR and looking forward to VIR tonight. Wooooooohoooooo!!!
    Update. I found an audio config file that had the setting you recommended. Andmi have soundmthru the Rift in AC. Imam impressed with the rift sound...when it works. I tried the ISS title again andmsound broke even earlier than previously. Clearly this is something with my computer but it will be a process to sort through.
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    RACING TONIGHT! See you there!
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    Michael Kolar (aka Hutch)

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    Well, what I could SEE of my battle with Mihaley was great fun, but the screen blanking finally caught me out when I was beside him, and I was just guessing at the upcoming corner I couldn't see--guessed wrong, hard hit, and that was enough for tonight.

    Happened twenty times at least in just the first ten laps, and it's just killed any chance to finish well.

    I had thought it had to be Steam related, since it's happened all day in both rF AND AC (and last week too in AC I realize in retrospect), but maybe the PJ is having problems.

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