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Thread: Donington Results & Discussion

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    That was a good run, although Dave deserved the win, he was clearly ahead before his pitcrew problems.
    I'd like to say welcome to Mike Heikes in the Historic series. You looked good out there!

    Sorry for the repeated dive bombing Mike K., I figured I could squeeze some brake power at the hairpin.. but no, it just went straight everytime, lol!

    I had a great time, minus the very tight turns... Some very good battle indeed.

    I'm finally getting to really enjoy AC's Lotus 25 - only after working the setup to my liking (it wasn't love at first sight). It's a fantastic spec-series option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hutch View Post
    I had a fun race, mixed it up quite a bit early on with Brette, Mike, and then a long battle with Patrice until he finally got by and was able to pull away. I quite enjoyed the car at this track- it definitely wasn't thrilled with the hairpins, but other than that it was lively and fun to muscle through all the elevation changes. Having said all that, I wouldn't choose a lot of tight tracks for it, I'm sure it would thrive on more flowing layouts.
    Yea... the close racing was fun while it lasted. I was still learning the car. So excuse my close calls to the two Mike's while recovering my car from an off course sliding episode near S/F in the early goings.

    Obviously the car can be fun... and reasonably fast if you get a good handle on it like Patrice and David had. But I would agree, tight track features like hairpins and slow chicanes might not be the best for the brakes and power of this little guy. I'm sure we can all improve with some setup development and more seat time.

    Thanks for hosting!

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