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    by Published on 04-20-2017 09:25 AM
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    Another wet race? Kinda.. Getting into the car for the last 2 stints of the race on a drying track and taking slicks.. was fun.
    Driver line up for this race was Jules Goux, Greg Hall & me. Troy was in engineer position for ~7 hrs. Team work.

    by Published on 04-01-2017 10:51 AM
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    I said I wasn't going to do a March issue, but with two rallies already in the books, I figured it would be easier to cover two rallies now vs trying ...
    by Published on 03-30-2017 01:26 PM
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    As promised here is a bit of a recap and some videos from our weekend at the SCCA Championship Tour in Texas this past weekend (College Station). First of all we were set to travel down on Friday morning, but the weather was looking really dicey and since we had decided to make it an all Miata weekend, with no support vehicle we left Thursday night. That ended up being a great call as we were able to take our time, enjoy the drive in the Miata's and get down there in plenty of time to not be rushed and even sleep in on Friday ...

    So after an awesome Mexican Breakfast Taco on Friday morning we headed out to the site for some testing before the later in the day weather was expected to come in. We had the wonderful experience of the car feeling really good right away without any setup changes to what we were thinking. It handled well and we were both comfortable with it. So with very little if any changes, we were ready to race. Now it was time to do the usual stuff of check in, tech the car, walk the courses, etc. We did all that and then had a nice dinner with some Friends Friday night on a Patio as the weather had cleared up and we had a really nice social time.

    So, Saturday comes around, we would work first heat and run third heat, so we'd be on the track around 12 noon. Forecast was Sunny and no clouds in sight. There were seven of us in the class. 5 Miata Drivers and 2 MR2 Drivers. The MR2 Toyota Drivers were sharing a car the same as Phil and I in my 2001 White Miata ...

    It became apparent to us both on the grid and after first runs that we'd be competing hard with the MR2 drivers all weekend for podium spots.

    After runs on day one, we were setting 1-4 in the order. The owner of the MR2 leading, David about 7 tenths behind. Then the co Driver of the MR closely followed by Phil. Everyone within striking distance of the Podium with David and the MR2 owner battling for the weekend win ...

    So, another night out, a bit calmer this time as we were pooped. We had enjoyed the first night restaurant so much we went back for a 2nd night to this same place!

    Back up early on Sunday for what would be the Money runs...

    We go out, Phil first and he takes over the 3rd place position. The Co Driver of the MR2 is next up and cones. David then goes and briefly moves into the lead, before getting bested by the MR2 owner. Phil and the MR2 co-driver would have the biggest battle with David settled into a comfortable second place, and the MR2 owner the victor. Unfortunately Phil had dug just a bit too much of a gap on day one and couldn't completely overcome it on day 2 for the last podium spot. He bested the MR2 co driver on day 2, but overall was still behind.

    In the end here were the final standings of the top 4 ... with the others trailing.

    Michael G - MR2 - 1:49.051
    David A - Miata 1:51.599
    Mike M - MR2 - 1:54.048
    Phil E - Miata 1:55.001

    Get this, in the end, we combined won almost $300 from Miata in contingency Money. Additionally $50 from Hawk Brake Pads, and another $150 from Bridgestone Tires! I guess we are real pros now. lol. Too bad we both individually spent more than that on Hotel alone!

    Here are some videos ...

    David Day 1

    Phil Day 2
    by Published on 03-04-2017 06:16 AM
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    About Norm

    Affectionately known as “Stormin Norman”, he had a career racing in real life. He raced in ...
    by Published on 01-16-2017 10:06 PM
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    So for as long as I can remember I've been playing simulation games whilst seated at my desk....I had a good chair that ...
    by Published on 12-10-2016 07:20 AM
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    The GSRC All-Star Road vs. Oval race is today!!!! CMS Drivers are participating to represent our community!!!! Watch the race on the live broadcast today around 12 Noon CST (Chicago). Goodluck CMS!!

    by Published on 12-09-2016 11:57 AM
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    First I want to thank Champion Motorsports for allowing me to race here and my buddies from MNRL. I have race this mod before, so I knew the handling. I just needed to find the gearing that was in a perfect spot to take the hill (the jump). I think taking the hill in 4th gear made the difference. Cohn was fast and I think he will be a pain the next race. Miller always is there but sadly he looks like he was kidnapped by aliens before race.

    Please enjoy this video. See ya next race.

    by Published on 11-19-2016 12:59 AM
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    Champion Motorsports would like to extend a warm welcome to all new members coming to us as part of the MNRL league from race2play. ...
    by Published on 10-16-2016 09:37 AM
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    RICMOTECH RealGear Wheel/Paddle upgrade for G-27

    Once upon a time I owned a Momo Red and it's probably still lying around in a box somewhere in the knee wall. However, back in the day, FFB support wasn't what it is today and I eventually purchased a non-FFB ECCI Trackstar 6000. It is a fantastic piece of equipment and has served me well for more than a decade, but it's limited wheel rotation was...well...limiting. Wanting a wheel with at least 900° of rotation and interested in dipping a toe back into FFB arena, I happened to get lucky when David decided to part with his old G-27.

    I've only had the G-27 for a short time, but I'm really enamored with it. I love the added rotation and the more I play with the FFB, the more I like it. However, I'm not totally in love with the dimensions of the actual wheel. At only 270mm, it just felt too small and it is quite a bit smaller than the 320mm Grant wheel on my ECCI. Plus, it simply didn't look the part. This is one of my biggest complaints about most modern FFB offerings. They simply aren't aesthetically pleasing to me and it is what ultimately led me to looking into alternatives.

    Enter Ricmotech and their RealGear G-27 wheel upgrade.


    Right off the bat, you can tell that this is a quality product. Each one is built to order and it takes about a week ...
    by Published on 10-12-2016 09:26 AM
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    Troy's highlight vid of Race 1 (Room 2): This is from the 6 hours of Indianapolis with a CMS entered team competing in the VEC Endurance Series.

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