Hi Guys! I've been using the GTX 980 Ti I bought from Miguel for close to a year and absolutely love it, however, I can't help but think that it may make sense for me to get a GTX 1080 or go nuts and get a 1080Ti when the price is right.

I'm offering $300 shipped CONUS (sorry it's an extra $25 vs. what I paid, I'd need that to justify covering shipping which I wouldn't skimp on), however, I'd like to ask that the buyer understands that I don't currently have a spare GPU I can put in this PC. This means that upon purchase (or buyer sending $100 deposit to me), I'd need to get a GTX 1080 or 1080Ti BEFORE swapping this one out of my primary gaming computer and shipping it to the seller. Long story short, it may take a bit to get the card to the sender, however, I can guarantee it is something that can run triple 144 hz monitors at 1080p just about maxxed out. Furthermore, I've sold things to people on here and other sites before without issue and can guarantee that you'll get a 100% high quality product from me.