Hi Everyone! So I have 2 Creative Soundblaster Omni USB Sound Cards (i.e. DAC/Amp type solution), one that served me well for a long time, and another that's barely used which was a spare. I still probably have the boxes and literature if anyone wants that, however, considering I upgraded rather hardcore with a Schitt USB/DAC amp and USB Decrapper to solve my ground loop issues, I'd like to offer these to you guys first before putting them on Ebay.

Usually they retail about $70-75 new, I'm offering mine for $45 each shipped ONLY at CMS as I'd like them to go to good homes. Photos are available upon request although if you know my history as a seller on here, I always give people EXACTLY what I offer.

Here's a link for anyone interested:

Please note, if any of you are near me and want to pick up? $40 even.